New Year, New Challenge!

Happy 2015 from the Kershaw County Robotics Team!

One of the most exciting events for our robotics team is the kickoff for the FIRST Robotics Competition (C). On January 3rd, the following video was released explaining the new challenge for the high school group:

Today, we watched the kickoff video together and inventoried the parts received from FIRST. Shortly after, the gears began spinning and the students started devising strategies and how to materialize them in the robot. With the competition taking place at the end of February, there is no wasting time in the robot room! That being said, please check out the calendar for additional meeting times. While it is understandable that all students and mentors will not be able to attend all meetings, please plan to be present for most of the scheduled meetings.


Mentor Paul Sullivan discussing possible strategies.

The middle school team is also busy as their competition approaches. There is a scrimmage on Saturday, January 17th, so today, the FTC team has been busy stabilizing the frame, reinforcing the motor, and improving the “grabbing” mechanism.




What do you think about this year’s challenge? What are some strategies you would implement to get the most points?

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