A SCRIW 2016 Recap

On October 15th our team participated in an off season competition at Dreher high school in Columbia, SC. The game was Stronghold, which you can learn about here. 

Our robot and driving teams performed great throughout the day. Some of the victories throughout the day include a working robot for every match,  an efficient system assigning roles for the different driving teams, good communication with other teams, and having loads of fun! Every student had a chance to try Scouting from the stands (y’all were great!) and Mr. Cooper and Shawn, both former members of the team, were also key in making Scouting worth the time. Students also had a chance to try each role in the driving team and the consensus was that driving the robot is much harder under pressure! We are grateful to Mrs. Skrabak for putting together a n excellent lunch check to refuel the spent students. 

At the end of the qualifying rounds, we were placed 7th out of 26 teams. The 3rd team selected us to join their Alliance which we accepted gladly. Sadly, our Alliance lost after the first round of playoffs and we headed home shortly after that. 

Here are some pictures of the day! 

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