These are the helpful volunteers that lead the Robotics Team

 Mr. Paul Sullivan Paul Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan is an electrical engineer for DuPont.  He is the team’s lead mentor and has been involved with the team for over 10 years.

Fun Fact: he became interested in electricity playing with model railroads.

Henry Bull

Mr. Bull is a machinist who most recently worked at Bose.  His favorite thing about the team is building things.  For fun, he builds robots.

Fun fact: he and his wife raise giant donkeys.

 Mr. Henry Bull
Larry Slade

He joined the team to help students build and understand what they’re doing. His favorite part of the team is watching the students compete.

Outside of robotics, Mr. Slade enjoys watching his grandchildren and volunteering for other organizations.

Terry Sheppard

Mr. Sheppard has a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and an MBA. He also proctors testing for the Mensa Society and MathCounts competition. He participates in fundraising for non-profit organizations.  He likes to play golf, fly airplanes and sail.

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