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Robotics Meeting-10/27

Today during the robotics meeting we did many things. We were scouting trying to figure out whom we would like to pair up with at Myrtle Beach. There were people working on the small robot. There were people building the field for the robot. There were also a group of people downloading stuff for programming. There were also people getting stuff together for the scrimmage. They worked on the t-shirt designs, the field guides, community service ideas, CMA dates, Christmas bake sale, the flag, and the marble slab fundraiser.

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Robotics Meeting-10/20

So during the robotics meeting this week we went straight to work. There was a lot of things that needed to get done before the competition this Saturday, October 24. So the marketing department was creating a poster. FTC was in the process of making a small robot. There was also another group that was trying to teach one another how to control the small robot that is already built, Cupcake. They were also working on building the field for the small robot so they could have some place to practice on. Then FRC was having trouble at first being able to use the big robot, but once they got a cord they were able to use it just fine and practice for the competition. People were driving it and learning the controls for the arms to be able to grab and lift things. They also learned some strategies on how to stack the totes and the trash can.

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Robotics Meeting-10/13

In the beginning of the Robotics meeting the adults called for all the high school students to come into the room so we could have a discussion. We discussed the upcoming FRC competition that is on the 24th. Then we got volunteers to be the drivers and coaches of the big robot. Then when we figured out who those people may be they went into the practice field to start practicing with the robot. After the general discussion there were people who were working on making the field for the small robots. Then there was a small group of people that were working on building small robots. There was also a group of people that was installing software to be able to use it to program the robot. The people who were practicing for the competition were stacking totes upon each other then put the trash cans on it within three minutes. They also learned where the on/off switch was and learned about air compression. The Parody team members were working on the lyrics for the song Emergency by Icona Pop. While they were working on the lyrics they listened to the song over and over again. Finally, the Marketing team members were making posters.

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