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Our Midlands Gives Profile

The crowd fundraiser Midlands Gives is around the corner! I hope you’re ready because you will only have 24 hours on May 3rd to donate money.

Have you seen our profile on their website? I particularly liked finding out what five $20 donations could do for our team. What a great way to put your donation to our team in perspective! If you’d like to know how your donations will be used, please go to

Also, please share this post with your friends so they can also be part of this amazing opportunity to help worthy causes in your community.

Happy giving!

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How to Maximize your Midlands Gives Donation

There are less than 3 weeks left for the crowd fundraiser Midlands Gives on May 3rd. This exciting event will accept donations for 24 hours to support over 375 nonprofits in 11 counties of the Midlands, including this team!

With only 24 hours during the day to give, how can you maximize your donation without minimizing your account balance?

Midlands Gives Prizes

You can learn about the prizes that several corporations have pledged to donate during specific times or for specific categories. Some of the prizes include

  • matching donations of $100 during specific times
  • $500 awared radomly during specific times
  • $1,000 awarded to the first five organizations that get 100 gifts
  • $1,000 added to one small budget and one large budget nonprofit that has the most unique donors during different times of the day
  • $5,000 will be added to the 5,000th donation

And many others! To learn all the details on how to maximize your donation,  go to and jot down the times when your donation is more likely to go further. Please spread the news on social media by using the hashtag #midlandsgives on Instagram and Twitter.

Happy giving!

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THOR competition trip cancelled

From Mr. Sullivan:

Hello robot team.

I have talked with several of our team members about our planned trip to North Carolina this weekend for the FRC competition. We have decided to NOT participate in that competition. Some of our planning for that event has not been finalized due to some events last week and we wont be able to finish those plans due to school and team meeting cancellations this week due to the record flooding that has occurred this week. We are not prepared for the trip. Instead of trying to force our participation we have decided to not attend.

Please make sure team members you talk with know about this cancellation so everyone gets the word.

Many people in our community are working to start the recovery process from the major flooding that has occurred throughout our community. Consider spending time this weekend helping someone in need with their recovery efforts. That would be a rewarding and appreciated way to spend part of your weekend.

We will still be participating in the FRC competition on October 24. So we will still have the opportunity to practice for and participate in that event.

Our next team meeting will be on Tuesday, October 13. See everyone then.



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