Palmetto Regional Competition Video

Did you miss seeing the KC Robotics Team during the Palmetto Regional First Robotics Competition, or just wish you could see it again?  Thanks to the Palmetto Partners and Horry Telephone Cooperative, the competition videos are posted on YouTube for your enjoyment!

Qualification Matches:




Semifinals:   Drivers Nicholas & Joe, Coach Jake & Ground Crew McKinley

Finals:   Drivers Nicholas & Joe, Coach Jake & Ground Crew McKinley

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Results from Palmetto Regional First Robotics Competition


What a wild finish to our robot competition weekend. After losing in the semi-final round, we had to play those matches over and we won them. We then played in the finals, and, although we did not win, we completed well and kept our gracious professionalism in place when it would have been easy to do otherwise.

We then were awarded a wild card spot in the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship that will be held in Houston TX April 19 through 22. We have never had this opportunity for a FRC robot!

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#BuildSeason Week #2

Lots to do today! The FTC build team worked on replacing the fishing line in the arm that was used during tests with actual wire for the competition. An issue that came up today was that the shooter arm was rotating too fast and couldn’t load the balls properly. Also, if the arm started in the “up” position, it would only be able to shoot 2 balls or it would jam. The students decided to set the arm to start in the “down” or loaded position and to work with the programing team in slowing down the rotation of the arm so the next ball would have time to travel to the loading area before the arm would shoot again.

The FRC students got divided into 3 subteams. The first team was on charge of dismantling “Roadkill” our robot from last season. Because this year’s game also requires a fast robot, the students were instructed to save the drive train. The next subteam worked on figuring out a way to make everything fit in the robot using the whiteboard to draw sketches. Finally, the last team worked on assembling a device that will allow us to test the design for climbing up the rope.

Exciting progress for sure!

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