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FRC Build Season Kickoff

Last Saturday, the new game for the FRC competition was revealed on the FIRST website. This game looks like a lot of FUN! Check out the game here:

In your opinion, on what should we focus as we plan for our robot? Climbing the rope, installing all the gears, or building up steam? Use the comments section below to let us know your ideas. Since the theme for the game is in Steampunk fashion, the parent volunteers have been digging on the internet for Steampunk fashion ideas that are easy and cheap to make. What are your favorites?

This week, our FRC students have focused on brainstorming ideas, learning the game, and building field parts to be able to practice.

Our FTC team is finishing up the design of our “little” robot to get it ready for the 2/11 competition in Gaffney. Some of the improvements made today were the assembly of an arm to lift the big red ball and assembling the motor for the left side of the robot.

If you participated in the Practice day back in December, check out the pictures here!

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FTC Practice day (12/12)

On Saturday, our middle school (FTC) team got together bright and early to practice for the competition in January. By Friday night, our robot moved and climbed part of the “mountain.”

Shortly after beginning to practice, we found out that the metal sides of the “mountain” were not robot friendly: one of the servos controlling the arms of the robot and the drive chain broke against the metal plate on the side of the “mountain.”

Shortly after, the rookie team 378 came to the annex to join the practice but their robot was not moving.¬†While it took a long time to repair our robot and to bring the other team’s robot up to speed, it was a successful day in which we got to collaborate with other students.

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