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How to Maximize your Midlands Gives Donation

There are less than 3 weeks left for the crowd fundraiser Midlands Gives on May 3rd. This exciting event will accept donations for 24 hours to support over 375 nonprofits in 11 counties of the Midlands, including this team!

With only 24 hours during the day to give, how can you maximize your donation without minimizing your account balance?

Midlands Gives Prizes

You can learn about the prizes that several corporations have pledged to donate during specific times or for specific categories. Some of the prizes include

  • matching donations of $100 during specific times
  • $500 awared radomly during specific times
  • $1,000 awarded to the first five organizations that get 100 gifts
  • $1,000 added to one small budget and one large budget nonprofit that has the most unique donors during different times of the day
  • $5,000 will be added to the 5,000th donation

And many others! To learn all the details on how to maximize your donation,  go to and jot down the times when your donation is more likely to go further. Please spread the news on social media by using the hashtag #midlandsgives on Instagram and Twitter.

Happy giving!

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Our team is starting STRONG(hold)!!!

Our first week of build season has definitely been productive! We have a chassis for the FRC robot and we have been testing some strategies to make sure it goes over the obstacles in the middle of the court.

The FTC team had a successful scrimmage last weekend, but there are some improvements in order to be in best shape for the state competition on the 30th.


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Important Dates Coming Up!

As the FTC competition approaches, our middle school (and select high school) students met today to apply the finishing touches to the robot and get it in shape.

There are several important dates coming up which we want to make everybody aware of:

  • January 9th: FRC (big robot) Kick Off. Mr. Bull and Mr. Shepherd will take a couple students to attend workshops, watch the game animation, and pick up the pieces provided for the new challenge. This year’s challenge is called “Stronghold” and seems to have a medieval theme, which made the team very excited! You can check out the teaser in this post.
  • January 16th: FTC Scrimmage at the Governor School for Science and Math (Hartsville). This would be a great event for the FTC students to practice driving the robot and trouble shooting any problems that we may need to solve before the actual competition.
  • January 30th: SC FTC Competition in Gaffney High School. This is IT!!! Here, the FTC students will compete against teams all over the state. It is quite far and the competition starts pretty early, so please consider whether we should make this an overnight trip or not.

During the month of January, the FRC students will be working on the big robot to get it ready for the competition taking place the last week of February.  In order to get the robot ready, the FRC students will have meetings scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for the next 6 weeks. It is not mandatory for all students to attend all meetings, but students should make an effort to be present as much as possible. More details to come next week!

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